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Before working on translations, make sure you read the module development documentation on internationalization, at ModuleDevelopment#Language_files

Translating an Existing Language

If you want to contribute a new or improved translation to a language already supported by Webmin, the simplest way is to use the WBMtranslator module, which is available from

Alternately you can manually create and edit the files for your language under each module's lang sub-directory, and then email the modified files to

Translating a New Language

New translations of the existing core Webmin modules are always welcome. If you want to translate Webmin into a new language or update one of the existing translations, follow these steps :

  • Get the latest development version of Webmin from so that you can see the latest translations that have been done by other people.
  • In the file lang_list.txt in the Webmin root directory, add a new line for your language like :
    lang=sw,titles=1,charset=iso-6666-6 Swahili
    The lang part defines the short code for the language, and should follow the ISO standard where possible. The titles part controls whether Webmin should use letter images for displaying page titles in the language, and should be set to 1 if your language uses European characters. The optional charset part sets the character set that is sent to the web browser when using the language, so that is can automatically select the right font to use.
  • Switch to your new language in the Webmin Configuration module under the Language icon.
  • In the directory lang under the Webmin root and in each of the lang subdirectories under the module directories, create a new file called sw (or whatever the short code for your language is) that is a translation of the en file in the same directory.
  • In each of the files under the module directories, add a new desc_sw line that is a translation of the desc line.
  • In each of the module directories, create a new file called which is a translation of (if it exists).
  • In the help subdirectory under each of the module directories (where they exist), translate all of the something.html files into something.sw.html .

A table of currently translated languages is available at so that you can see how much has been done for each language and module so far. There is also a list of other translators at that you might want to contact before doing your own translation work.

You don't have to finish translating the entire of Webmin for your translation to be useful. Many people just do a few modules at a time, or skip the help pages initially.

When your translation has made some progress, send a .tar.gz file of all the translated files to so that we can include it in the main Webmin distribution. The best way to tar up everything is with a command like :

cd /usr/libexec/webmin
tar czf /tmp/translation.tar.gz /lang/sw lang/sw */ */ */help/.sw.html