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  • Add ability to preview any file in File Manager
  • Add support for removing files to trash in File Manager
  • Add more features to search functionality (filter user, group, size and type) in File Manager
  • Add to display extended file status output for editor and viewer windows
  • Add better support for native form validation (HTML5)
  • Fix bugs


  • Add better menu icons, fix alignment and size
  • Fix bugs


  • Add sortable table for mailbox user list #1496/comment-703835699
  • Add to display two-factor authentication field for user selectively on login page
  • Add better display of restore virtual server page in Virtualmin
  • Fix to stop re-submitting modifier forms (delete, remove, add, new) when using internal page refresh
  • Fix directory tree listing in File Manager for safe user
  • Fix other bugs


  • Add to display module config by section with search capability
  • Add better font contrast and greater overall consistency
  • Add better styling for a new apply config changes button webmin/webmin@2d95efa
  • Add support for new consecutive line breaks webmin/webmin@3e60854
  • Add more distinctive look for focused checkboxes/radios
  • Add missing message signature to a new mail composer
  • Add native table filter for install scripts page in Virtualmin
  • Add ability to refresh logs with smaller interval
  • Fix elements and loader positioning in file editor
  • Fix top loader not being shown on calling the page multiple times
  • Fix to HTML escape a label that is put inside of actual tags
  • Fix error message print style for failed certificate renewal in Virtualmin
  • Fix PostgreSQL password change field width in Virtualmin
  • Fix an icon for create system submenu in Cloudmin navigation
  • Fix to have better version type recognition for Cloudmin
  • Fix radio buttons going out of table area
  • Fix to display all textareas using monospace font family
  • Fix to correct textareas default size
  • Fix dozens of other tiny UI issues